Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Range

I keep changing my skin routine lately, I know! I went to Nordstrom for my birthday in hopes of finding a good skin care routine. I told the lady at the Kiehl’s counter about my skin type (oily, acne prone skin). She advised me to try this range!


I have been using these products religiously for almost a week now. The lady said that I would start to see a slight difference in my skin by then and I can say that I have! She did say that these products do not help acne scars to disappear, but helps prevent from more acne appearing.
In a week, I have noticed less acne, smaller pores, and less oil! I’m not going to lie, I do get the occasional pimple here and there, but it sure beats multiple every day! Just a heads up, this range does have a spot treatment, but I didn’t purchase that.
I wash my face with the gel cleanser, which really is not a gel consistency, it’s more of a liquid. Anyways, I wash my face with it every morning and every night! What I love about this cleanser is that it feels fresh and tingly. It does not over dry my face which is great!
I then take a cotton pad and use the astringent herbal lotion again, two times a day! I will be honest, this makes my face feel a little icky and sticky, but it doesn’t last long! This basically picks up any excess dirt and oil the cleanser missed.
I then go in with the moisturizer which balances out the sticky feeling from the astringent! I feel like I have to use a little more moisturizer than I normally would because a little does not go along way. However, I love this moisturizer because it doesn’t leave my face feeling oily or like I have moisturizer on; it’s very light! It also makes my pores significantly smaller which is amazing for not getting dirt stuck in there!
I am, so far, very pleased with this range! I was told to come back for the Corrective Serum once I feel like my acne has died down quite a bit to start clear up my acne scars! I would really suggest this brand in general for anybody because there is something for everyone, trust me! I would love to know if you have tried this brand or would love to try them out! If you have any questions about these products, feel free to ask them in the comments, I will gladly answer them!

Love always,
Kandy 🙂


It’s My Birthday!!


Today is my Birthday! I am now 19 years old and I do not feel any different haha! I actually celebrated my birthday yesterday because everyone in my family has to work today! So I’m home right now just typing this post because I’m lonely and I miss talking to you guys! I was supposed to work today, but I was gifted this lovely cold which made me completely lose my voice! Today is a silent birthday for me haha . I’m not complaining though, because even if I can’t talk, I’m still very thankful for another great year and I have you lovelies to talk to! I did have a little splurge yesterday at the mall so do expect a few posts about that! It’s ridiculous how much I spent on makeup, ahh!
Well, I hope everyone is having or had a great day today! I will be back again in a few days with a little shopping haul! 🙂

Love always,
Kandy ❤

Liebster Award Round Two! 

Hello everybody! I was nominated for a Liebster Award again! The first time I was incredibly shocked, but this time around I am just so thankful and happy (and shocked still)! I really am proud of what I am achieving with my blog and have been so grateful to speak with amazing people about things we all love!

With that said, I was nominated by Shopaholicblogs! She is a lovely lady who blogs about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle! Please check out her blog if you haven’t because I’m being so honest when I say that her blog is amazing! 

Before I go on to answer the questions given to me, let’s talk about the rules! 

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you
  • Nominate 5-11 bloggers that you think are deserving of the award
  • Let the bloggers know you nominated them
  • Give them 11 questions of your own

Here is my Q&A I given! I will admit, these are some really hard questions to answer haha! Great questions though! 

  1. 3 things you notice immediately when you meet someone

                ~ I immediately notice their mood. I always catch on to how they’re feeling at that moment when I first meet them, if that makes any sense! Even if they give a smile, I can tell if it is fake or not. I don’t know, it’s weird!

     2.  The last movie you watched in the cinema and why you loved or hated it. 

                ~  The last movie I watched in the cinema was so long ago! I think it was the movie Race. I loved this movie. I went to go watch this with my family (my dads choice) and did not get bored watching it. It is about Olympic runner Jesse Owens and his quest to become the greatest track athlete during the 1936 Olympic Games in Germany. This was such a powerful movie so I really recommend it! 

      3.  What makes you read a blog post and comment? 

                 ~ I am not going to lie, I am drawn to photos. If I scroll through WordPress and see a picture I like, I’ll read it! However, I do read and comment on blogs where I notice a product that I use and love too. 

      4. What time of day are you most productive? 

                 ~  Can I just put this out there that I’m typing this post for tomorrow at 11 o’clock at night… I think that answers the question haha! 

      5. What is your dream job and are you doing it right now? 

                 ~ I’m only 18 so I really don’t know what I want to be when I get older. I really enjoy blogging and hope to turn this into a job for myself and continue what I’m doing now. My idols are Zoella, Tanya Burr, Niomi Smart, and Anna Sacconejoly, so maybe what they do is my dream job! 

      6. Classic black eyeliner or funky colored one? 

                 ~ Classic black all the way! I do not have the confidence to venture out of my comfort zone when it comes to makeup, so black eyeliner it is! 

      7. Money or love? 

                  ~ Love for sure. Money is temporary, but love is forever. 

      8. What stresses you out the most and how do you deal with it?

                  ~ School stresses me out! I am such an over achiever and have that mindset of everything having ever little thing to be perfect, but I also procrastinate like nobody’s business! There isn’t anything I do to deal with it, I just push through and hope I make it out alive haha!

       9. One lesson you learned the hard way you won’t ever forget for life?

                  ~ This lesson isn’t something I did that I have learned, but more of what happened to me. I learned to never judge and make fun of somebody because of the way they act or look. In elementary and middle school, I was bullied by a particular person and a few others for the way I looked. I have always been a bigger girl and I was bullied for that. I have learned though, that bullying someone doesn’t make you a better person and it doesn’t make the person you bully feel good. I have never bullied anybody, but because of my own experience, I have learned to not judge people and to always stand up to those who are being bullied.

      10. Your best memory as a child?
                ~ My best memory as a child… see that is difficult because I know it had so many great times as a kid but can’t remeber any at the moment! I will always remeber though, how I felt during the Christmas season. I remeber never sleeping Christmas Eve and just staring out of the window while curled up in bed with my stuffed animal. I was just full of excitement every year and I’m so sad that I’ve lost that feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I still get very excited for Christmas but it’s not the same when you’re a little kid!

       11. How do you deal with jealousy?
               ~ I deal with jealousy by thinking of ways to change myself or my lifestyle to fit what I’m jealous about, if that makes sense. Let’s take this ever so badly materialistic example; if I see someone with this gorgeous handbag or lovely makeup collection, I won’t dwell too much on them having it, I’ll go out and do my best to achieve what they have so I won’t be jealous anymore. If I’m jealous because of a trait a person posses, I won’t try to become them, I will try to better myself as a person.

I really hope my answers to these questions made sense to you guys! I like how these questions made me really think!
This time around, I am going to nominate…
Abigal Lindsay
Anja Masha
So those are my nominees! I really like the questions that were given to Shopaholicblogs, so I’m going to use those!

  1. How long have you been blogging for? 
  2. Cat or dog person?
  3. Favorite YouTube beauty guru? 
  4. Last song you listened to and who by? 
  5. Who inspires you the most? 
  6. How many shades or lipstick do you own?
  7. Dream career? 
  8. What did you want to grow up to be when you were younger?
  9. If you could travel anywhere in the world with one other person, where would you go and who would you take? 
  10. Beach or pool?
  11. Describe yourself in three words. 

There you go! Round two of the Liebster Award for KandyCakes! I’m so happy to have done this again and can’t wait to hear what my nominees have to say. Please let me know if you enjoyed reading and I’ll be back soon! 🙂
Love always,

Kandy ❤️

April Favorites

April came and went so incredibly fast! I didn’t really have a chance to explore new Skincare or Beauty items this month so my favorites are going to be a little random! Let’s get on with the post! 🙂


So as you can see, I have a few favorites this month, some I have shared already and some I have not!
My first favorite is the lanyard key holder my sister gave me! It’s a Vera Bradley lanyard so of course, it is  really cute. This actually comes in handy when finding your keys, to be completely honest! You can have it around your neck if you want or put it in your bag like you normally would, which is what I do. There isn’t really much to say about this, I just really like it!
My next favorite is the Pure Leaf Ice Tea. This isn’t a new thing to me, but I have been drinking these more than I have before. I’ve just been really enjoying ice tea at the moment and this one is a real brewed tea with three ingredients!
Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron was a childhood movie my sisters and I absolutely loved! We watched this movie atleast once or twice a week every single week because we loved it so much! It was until this month that I found the movie in Walmart after not watching it for about ten years! We all wanted it the moment we saw it and we still love this movie! It’s about this horse, named Spirit, who sets out on an adventure to regain his freedom and save his homeland. It’s just a must see kid movie!!
My next favorite is the OGX Moraccon Agran Oil. I only use this a little bit on the ends of my hair after I wash it. Having curly hair, this oil really helps with frizz and split ends! It hydrates my hair without giving it that greasy look and feeling. Sometimes I spray it onto my hands and then work it into my hair but other times I will just spray it directly onto my hair if I feel like I need more hydration. This oil though is really great and very cheap!
So I mentioned the Bobbi Brown Beach Collection not too long ago so I won’t ramble on too much about this perfume. All I will say is that I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I’m trying not to use it a lot because I want to save it for summer. It is the PERFECT summer scent. It reminds me of a good smelling sunscreen and it’s just perfection. Highly suggest this along with the other products in the Beach Collection!
I also talked about this product a few weeks ago! This is the Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Trio. It is the bronzer, blush, and highlight. I’m not kidding, this is the only thing I have been using on my cheeks this entire month. The bronzer and the blush are so beautiful and very natural looking and the highlight leaves a wonderful shimmer to your cheekbones. It is so worth the money and I can’t wait to use this when I have a tan!
I cant remeber if this Chanel lip balm was in my February favorites or my other Chanel lipstick, but even if it is, this lip balm is amazing. It was a limited edition product from their summer collection last year which is super upsetting because I would buy this over and over again. I call this a balm more than a lipstick because it has the nourishing properties and consistency of a balm. The color is a very natural peachy nude which is so gorgeous, especially with a tan! I have been wearing this almost everyday!
The very last favorite for this month is a candle that is not from Bath and Body Works! I don’t know what brand it is, all I know is that it supposedly smells like Bamboo! Now I don’t know what Bamboo smells like so I can’t tell you if this really smells like it! What I can say is that it smells incredible. It is not over powering but it leaves my room smelling fresh and clean! It’s a lovely spring scent and I really love it!
That is it for my April favorites! I would love to know what things you guys loved this month! I will tell you right now though, get ready for a beauty filled May favorites!

Love always,
Kandy ❤

The Big Question

Hello! I thought it would be nice to just have a chat with you guys today! I have been so busy with work and school lately and feel as if I haven’t spent enough time with my blog. So with that, I really just want to let my thoughts out and talk with my blogging friends!
I started this blog about two months ago which doesn’t sound like a long time but,to me, it feels like I have been blogging for years! In one of my first posts, I mentioned that I didn’t have a job yet but was searching like crazy. Well I am happy to say that about a month ago I began working at Tj Maxx! I really like it so far but at times I wish I didn’t have as many hours so I can blog more! I am by no means complaining though because I am very thankful to have a job! 🙂
With work, I also go to college. Now I only took two classes this semester because of financial reasons, but will be going full time this fall! Surprisingly, these two classes have taken a lot of time! My spring semester ends next week so I feel like all of the assignments have been a little overwhelming lately.
I am really looking forward to the summer because I have some really fun and interesting blog posts in mind! I would love to do more food and lifestyle related posts. I will, however, keep blogging about beauty because that’s what I have been loving to do! I really feel like blogging is something I could eventually turn into a career for myself, or would atleast hope. This is what I have been loving to do and it would be great to make a living with what makes me happy! I soon hope to expand my social media for this blog in the future and potentially start a YouTube channel?? I really love interacting and chatting with you guys and can’t wait to see what the future holds as we all continue to blog! So the big question is, what would you like to see from my blog? I would love to hear some post suggestions!
I hope you all have been enjoying your weekend and I would love to hear back from you guys. 🙂

Love always,
Kandy ❤

My Favorite Stores Ever! 

Happy Saturday! Being that I am in much need of a shopping day, I thought it would only be appropriate to share with you guys all of the stores I love to shop at! From jewelry to makeup, to clothes, I’ll cover it all! 


So for accessories like jewlery, and hair pieces, I love to go to Francesca’s! They have the cutest jewlery and they are really affordable! I also like to buy jewlery from Macy’s, and Nordstrom. You will soon learn that I pretty much rely on those two stores for everything haha!                                                          

For makeup, I love to go to the counters at Macy’s and Nordstrom, see I told you so! Macy’s has the Estée Lauder counter, Chanel, and Clinique. Nordstrom has the Nars counter and the Bobbi Brown counter! I also really love going to Sephora and Ulta for makeup brands like Too Faced, Tarte, and Urban Decay.                                                                                                             

For perfumes, candles, body wash, so on and so forth, I hands down will go to Bath and Body Works! They have the best scents for everything! If I want something more high end, however, I will, of course, go to Macys or Nordstrom (Shocker!) I will go for the brands like Chanel, Bobbi Brown, and Estée Lauder. I do really want to try out Jo Malone though, which is in Nordstrom!
                                                                                                           Clothes/ Shoes:

For clothes, I really enjoy going to TJ Maxx for great quality clothes like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein that are at a really affordable cost! I also enjoy Macys a lot for clothes and ha-ha, Nordstrom! Since I am plus size, Torrid is a great store to go to and Lane Bryant! Those are more splurge stores since the prices are a little high.

I feel like I covered everything! These are all of the stores that I go to. Macys and Nordstrom are like my main go to stores for basically everything which is why I don’t really shop anywhere else! I do, of course, make my way through other stores but these are my all time favorites! I would love to know what your favorite stores are!
As always


Kandy ❤

New Blog Obsession! 

Hello everybody! I am so happy to say that my best friend, Eve, has FINALLY started a blog! She has been wanting to blog for a very long time now but she never knew how to start it. Tonight, I pretty much forced her into writing her first post!She will be blogging about life experiences with a fun and quirky twist (she’s probably going to hate me for using the word quirky) but there’s nothing wrong with that!

Her blog is Eveou! If you could please show her blog some love! I promise you, her first post will bring a smile to your face! She is really one of my best friends and I’m so happy I can share this blogging experience with her now! I’m sure there will be many blog collaborations with her in the future!

As always, I will be back on Saturday for another post so keep your eyes open for that! Thank you so much for reading!
Love always,

Kandy ❤